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Health Visitor: 01522 843000
Out of Hours: 111
Email: [email protected]


We have been informed that scammers are using ‘NHS 111’ as a cover for a scam.

“The Scammers are calling in the early hours of the morning (one of our patients was called at 3am) claiming to be ‘NHS 111’ and asking to speak to xxxx (patients name). They say they have had a call from them and are calling back to offer assistance.

They then start asking questions like the patients date of birth, address, if they live alone, etc.

This is what is called a ‘fishing trip’ where they build up a profile of a person and then use all the details to get other information and then they will try to access bank accounts etc.

We were advised to tell patientsIf you receive a call from someone claiming to be from ‘NHS 111’ and have not called ‘111’ you are advised just to hang up”