Telephone: 01205 362 763
Health Visitor: 01522 843000
Out of Hours: 111
Email: [email protected]

To protect our staff and our patients, Liquorpond Surgery will be screening all patients who have face-to-face appointments with one of our clinicians

Please consider the following points that will help all of us:

  • If you are going to call the practice – please think first! Do you need our service right now or can you manage your symptoms at home? You can use the 111 online services for all medical advice.
  • Please respect the advice regarding social distancing, and only attend the surgery if you have an appointment and have been advised to do so by one of our clinicians.
  • You may have to wait longer in the telephone queue. We are sorry for this but we have a limited number of staff and lines.
  • We cannot do prescriptions early or give you more just in case! – the pharmacies are already struggling and this also has a massive impact on the supply chain. Do not stock pile and only order what you need.
  • Do not turn up at the surgery unless you have been advised to do so by one of our clinicians or you are collecting medication. We are not taking appointment bookings at the reception desk.
  • There is no need to come in to the surgery if you are dropping off a paper prescription request. This can be posted through the external letter box.
  • Please do not get frustrated and angry with our staff. Be sensible and be safe. Look after yourself, your family and each other and then we can look after you when you really need us. Every single person who sets foot in a healthcare or public setting from now on is sadly entering an environment with an increased risk – please do not do this unless you have a face-to-face appointment.

Help us to help you!

  • Please only phone the practice when really needed.
  • If you are self-isolating, please contact your local friends, family or neighbours to support you.
  • Please only ring the practice if you need an appointment or you have an appointment you can’t attend.
  • To limit the people in the practice, please attend an appointment on your own and only bring someone with you if you need assistance. This is to keep you, other patients and our staff safe.

Thank you for your continued support.